The politics of representation

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Commentary
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Do you have an inexplicable problem with critics in your otherwise perfect country? Are those bad people on the Internet making  nasty memes of you? I have just the perfect solution for you.

The  politics of representation is not only the cheapest way of disciplining your population, it’s the most fun! First set up a platform where you declare you will have an open discussion or national conversation or what not. Then make it damn prestigious like hold it at a super cool place like the istana or invite tons of super cool people like ministers and such. Then invite a few of those bad bad people but only if they promise to ask nicely and not ask any damn embarrassing questions at the event like did the government really torture those people to make them confess to things they didnt do or if politicians are still unable to contest because they are bankrupt.Then all you have to do is act remotely human and be nice to people and ask them things like what they do for a living and such. It’s real easy! I myself do it every day.

Then rinse and repeat carefully selecting your critics. Very soon your critics will stop ganging up against you and be fighting EACH OTHER! And some might even start carrying your balls asking for an invite. It will be a barrel of laughs 😀 so why hesitate any longer? This is the good stuff which they don’t teach at any policy schools. or institutes.


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